A few of those The Camera Corps has proudly served...

Commercials:   Discount Tire Centers, Southern California Chevrolet Dealers, GT Bicycles, Sunny's Restaurants, Lexus of Westminster   

Corporate (Video/Multimedia/Film):  McDonnell Douglas/Boeing, Traveler's Insurance, Nissan, Mazda,  Kia, Kawasaki,  GT Bicycles, SAS Safety Products,  Beckman Instruments

Television Programs/Networks:    InvertTV, Crank, Cure2000 Telethon, Birds of Bolsa Chica, C-SPAN, P.M. Magazine, local and national news 

Multimedia/Interactive/Games:  Angel Divine: Face of the Enemy, SAS Safety CD-ROM Catalog 2000, Make Your Own... Sushi, Twisted Metal 2

Feature and Short Films:  Hard Evidence, Operation Dalmatian, I Know It's Clich´┐Ż., Love and Roses, The Howling VII, The Sasquatch Hunters

And if that's not enough, we can talk endlessly of our hundreds of productions over our 20 years in the business... but we didn't want to take the space up here!